Certified LEED

Founded in 1988, NE Construction has become a recognized builder of multi-family and commercial properties in the USA. NE Construction has long recognized the ever-growing need for energy efficient design and sustainable construction. We are committed to design and construction practices that ensure the various levels of LEED certification are met. Having completed its first LEED certified project in 2009, NE Construction has continued to produce projects that provide a cleaner, healthier indoor living environment utilizing safe building materials.

Green Initiatives

The green push sweeping across the construction industry is nothing new to NE Construction. We have always seen the importance of green building practices because they also mean saving our clients money for the life of the project. Energy efficiency and renewable resources have always been a part of our building process. Soaring energy costs, limited resources and government standards have brought green to the forefront for the rest of the industry but at NE, we have never been satisfied to simply meet the government standards for energy consumption. We are leaders, this means your project can be green with out exceeding your budget or extending the construction process.

Mission Vision

We strive to meet these three main goals:

1. To maintain flexibility in an ever-changing business market.
2. To consistently strive to deliver quality projects on time and within budget.
3. To continually build and maintain positive and long-standing client relationships.

NE Construction, LLP is a financially stable company that has been on a constant rate of growth since inception. We have no outstanding liabilities, except for normal business purchases of supplies and materials. We implement a flexible administrative system allowing us to better serve and accommodate our clients’ needs. Our projects are completed in a timely manner, most are ahead of schedule and within budget.


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